Common Sense Mortgage, (mortgage fraud)
[ company changed its name to First Solution Lending ]
[ At the same address is LendSmart Mortgage ]

They got raided by the FBI, US Postal Inspection / police, Ramsey County Sheriff because of mortgage fraud type of activities.

Common Sense Mortgage
3450 Lexington Ave N
Ste 110 (or Ste 210)
Shoreview, MN 55126

They sold the company (another company took over) but they are still using the exact same telephone number, street address and a few of the same mortgage loan officers.   They are now doing business as

OPINION of mine:
Changing their company name does not change their responsibility to the community of their fraud, and they should have gone out of business.
The object of the defendantsí alleged conspiracy was to recruit straw buyers to purchase homes in the Twin Cities at inflated prices. The money to pay for those homes was acquired from area lenders, purportedly based on fraudulent loan applications. When loan proceeds were made available at transaction closings, portions of those funds were reportedly distributed to Wazwaz and others involved in the conspiracy.

I personally saw that the Owner (Jeffrey Michael Taylor) was involved in the mortgage fraud with others (last name Wazwaz) in Jeff's own owners office in Shoreview.

at the time they had 9 branch offices in the twin cities, and also offices in Wisconsin, North Dakota and Arizona.  Headquarters is in Shoreview, MN

I was a Mortgage Loan Officer at CommonSense Mortgage in 2008 and I brought this information to the FBI.  The FBI had me drive to their Mpls Federal building and bring any information I can. 

I brought some information on CD rom and made my official statement in a depositition.

Direct:    651-528-5xxx
Toll Free: 1-877-631-4919
Email:  or
Fax: 651-633-6747

As a part time mortgage loan officer I worked for them 08/2003 to 12/2004, with final commission spring/summer of  2005.

They got raided by the FBI, US Postal Inspection / police, Ramsey County Sheriff because of mortgage fraud type of activities.

I helped get them raided.   I saw a news report one night about mortgage fraud schemes.  And they went into some detail, and I said to myself "Common Sense Mortgage is doing that very thing".   The Minneapolis FBI was mentioned in that story, so I called them from my home that very night.

After hearing that I worked for CommonSense Mortgage the FBI agent asked me my name and date of birth and that he call me back in a few minutes.

He called me back, took more details from me. 

Sometime later I was called and asked if I would want to make a full statement to their investigator.   I said YES, I was happy to.   On the appointment day I went to the downtown Minneapolis Federal Building and was escorted into the building and into a large conference room and made my recorded statement.

I remember being asked if there were anyone specific that I thought was doing something wrong and also if there were anyone specific that I thought were totally honest.   I said YES to both.


Glenna Statham (mortgage loan officer)
Terry McCullum (Shoreview Branch Manager)

Jeffrey Michael Taylor (owner of CommonSense Mortgage and also First Solution Lending)
Male and Femle with last name WazWaz.   (mortgage loan officers)