Reasons to not take the Covid-19 immunizations
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Why I can't and won't take the China Virus shots that many have taken:
The Covid19 shots are not vaccines but gene editing (gene therapy). Covid-19 shots do not
prevent you from getting the China Virus, they will not prevent you from getting sick which
is what a vaccine does. These China Virus shots might only help you from getting as
severely sick. It is not a vaccine.
A true vaccine will prevent you from getting sick and this doesn't. It might reduce the
All three available COVID-19 vaccines—Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson—have
only “Emergency Use Authorization” status and are not licensed by the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA).
A vaccine authorized under Emergency Use Authorization requires “complete, informed,
and voluntary consent,” our complaint claims, threats of virtual expulsion from school or
firings from a job or denied products or services is “coercion.”
Any mandate would violate the liberty protected by the Fourteenth (14th) Amendment to
the U.S. Constitution, including rights of personal autonomy and bodily integrity and the
right to reject medical treatment.
None of the vaccines currently being administered in the United States have been fully
approved by the FDA. All three are being used under emergency authorization.
True Vaccines take 10 to 15 years to develop. Fastest ever was 7 years. Now this China
Virus Gene Treatment took only 7 months. No one truly knows the side effects -
especially the long-term side effects since it only took 7 months to develop.
I am not an anti-vaxxer. I have had 3 vaccine shots in 2021 for two things. - One: Tetanus
booster. Two: Shingle’s vaccine. If there ever is a Covid19 (China Virus) vaccine developed
I will take it.

Thanks to HIPAA privacy rules Americans cannot be forced to disclose their
medical records.


The national Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System has documented "thousands of
deaths following the mRNA shots, which are not conventional vaccines but experimental
genetic therapy," the report said.
The democrats called Trump and Republicans like myself conspiracy nuts when we said
Covid came from the Wuhan laboratory.  Well, we were proven right.  The virus did come from a Chinese laboratory that Dr. Fauci helped to fund.
Fauci is a moron. 

In the 1980's there is video of him saying that we need to wear masks to prevent the
spread of AIDS.

Well, that was a lie. 

Masks do not prevent the spread of AIDS.
Fauci is a moron. 

Remember March 2020 where Fauci said we need 15 days to flatten the curve?  

Everyone needs to stay at home & mask up!

Well, we know that was a lie... 


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