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Custom Email Address Lists
The lists are done by keywords from search engines.   They are the same as if you searched for a keyword and then grabbed all the email addresses from that site.  I just repeat it millions of times.

$20 per      200,000
$40 per      400,000
$60 per      600,000
$80 per   1,000,000
(great buy)
$150 per 2,000,000
(best buy)

Shipped on 1 CD by US Post Office Priority mail with tracking number or as download.

We can create a custom list of email addresses for you.   All you have to do is provide the keyword.   Such as "california", or "germany", or "family friendly cams", or "dogs".

Two choices of delivery and payment options:
1)  Credit card payments:
CD shipped by Priority Mail w/ tracking number plus $5 shipping.
        (click the Buy Now button below)
2)  Western Union ior MoneyGram payment: Internet Download of all 4 CDs $60 no shipping charges   (click here)

200,000 for $20  -  400,000 for $40  -  600,000 for $60  -  1 million for $80  -  2 million for $150

Custom Email lists

You MUST provide a valid telephone number with your order or by email.
This can help prevent credit card fraud.

These custom lists can take up to one week to create.

Shipped on CD, by the post office Priority Mail with tracking number (or) you can Download it all - if you pay by Western Union or MoneyGram if you pay by Western Union or MoneyGram I can send you the links and passwords to download.

Download - if you pay by Western Union I can send you the 4 links and passwords.

  • Lists are .txt format (use Notepad to read them).  Some files are zipped up containing .txt files and some are very large when they are unzipped.   One email address per line/row.  Does not contain street addresses or persons name.

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These custom lists can take up to one week to create.

Download - if you pay by Western Union or MoneyGram I can send you the links and passwords to download

US orders - pay by the credit/debit card, echeck: use Buy Now link at the top (or) send check/money order or Western Union.  Shipped: US Post Office Priority Mail with tracking number. 
Use the Buy Now button above.    $5 shipping

Outside the US - pay by Western Union (see below).
In order to calculate exact shipping charges please send me an email with your mailing/shipping address.  It will be shipped by US Priority Mail but the tracking number is only tracked until it leaves the US. 

Check (or) money order:  Use my  name/address on the contact button.  Only when the check or money order clears the bank I will then ship it to you.

Western Union Or MoneyGram:  Make payment to Steve Cook, St. Paul, Minnesota, US.  After payment please send me:  a) MTCN number   b) senders name   c) date sent    d) amount    e) senders county/city

*There is no guarantee that 'all' the email address are still valid, but all were valid at one time.   Websites can list incorrect email addresses.  The emails are fresh.  They are created upon your order and keyword(s).

All custom lists were created after your order and payment.

Some could be bad, for example: whenever someone leaves employment at a company, the IT department deletes their email address, so it will not be valid anymore but it could be on our lists because it was valid at one time.   Also whenever someone changes ISP Internet Service Provider, they will also have their old email address deleted (such as moving from AOL internet provide to Comcast internet provider). 

Custom Bulk emails.  Custom Worldwide bulk emails. Custom US email addresses.

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