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Democrats Do not want the death penalty but are ok with killing unborn babies: 

Democrats do not the death penalty:
Because:  Democrats were asked on CNN if we should the death penalty and they said NO.   Innocent people have been killed by the death penalty.  And murder is murder and that is what capital punishment is.

Democrats do want to kill (abort) unborn babies:
Unborn babies have their own separate DNA and eventually their own fingerprints.
That means they are a separate person than the mother.  The mother is just a temporary staging area that is 100% responsible for the heath and welfare of the unborn baby.  

I say to Democrats:  To stop innocent people from getting the death penalty, only give it to people once they are found guilty of a terrible crime (murder, rape) and are caught in the act.  Where there is no doubt of their guild. 

Jeffrey Dahmer was caught in the act and should have had the death penalty.
The guy who shot Ronald Regan was caught in the act.

There is no doubt of their guilt because they were caught in the act, give them the death penalty.

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Author: Steve Cook