Setting and Checking Cookie Code


The 1st webpage sets a cookie.

The 2nd webpage checks that the original cookie set on the 1st webpage is actually set and also set within the last xx minutes.  (xx can be any number of minutes from 1 to hundreds).   If the cookie was not set at all, or not set within the last xx minutes, then the person is redirected to any webpage you choose.

Goal:  You do not want anyone to be able to view the 2nd webpage without being sent to it directly by the 1st webpage within the last xx  minutes.  Works great with PayPal's thank you for order page and also with sign in webpages too.

Uses Java code that you can easily copy and paste it into your webpages.

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1)  Try to go to to page 2 before going to page 1.  
2)  Keep trying to go to page 2. 
3)  Page 2 will never display until you go to page 1 one time because page 1 sets the cookie, page 2 checks it.

Page 1

Page 2