DeDupe Service using Fuzzy Logic


Duplicate records could cost you money and make you look bad   Prices

POSTAL MAIL: What do you think about a company that sends you two or more pieces of mail to you.  The only difference (if there is any) is subtle difference in either your name or address.   This is a waste, and makes the sender look incompetent.  

SALES: Multiple sales calls are made to the same person or company if you have duplicate records.

EMAIL: Eliminate duplicate email addresses too.


Eliminate Duplicate Data…

Remove these duplicates, quickly, easy and affordable.


Dedupe in just 3 easy steps                      

Dedupe your data easily with us.  Pay for the service, send us your file with instructions, receive the deduped file back.  That's it.


Details......                     Prices 

  • Works with most common data file formats on databases containing up to 50,000 records.

  • If you purchased this same software, it would cost you about $10,000 US dollars.   We made the purchase and you can take advantage of that.

  • This is a VERY SOPHISTICATED piece of software. 

  • Highly advanced matching capabilities are achieved using complex ‘fuzzy matching logic’ algorithms

  • What is Fuzzy Logic? 

    Duplicate records take many forms; a few will be exact matches, but many of the duplicates will be phonetic, miskeyed or abbreviated variations. Unless these appear side by side in a database, the chances are you will never find them.

    For example:
    Bob Johnson could have been entered as Robert Johnsen
    ABC can be abbreviated to American Broadcast Company
    Mr. Wilson
    could be miskeyed as Mr. Wislon

    You tell us how you would like to dedupe the file and we can let you know if it can be done.  Email me at     Steve @         remove spaces from my email address

    Supported File Types

    • ASCII text (e.g. CSV, Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited, Fixed Width)

    • Excel

    • Access



  • $20 for single file with 20,000 or less records

  • $30 for single file with 20,001 - 30,000 records

  • $40 for single file with 30,001 - 40,000 records

  • $50 for single file with 40,001 - 50,000 records

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