The Work Connection [ now called ?]

The Work Connection
979 Arcade St
Saint Paul, MN 55106-3229
Phone: 651-774-9675

I worked for them three different times. 
1:  WIN Manager at TelePlan  (manager in charge of all 60 Work Connection contractors)
2:  Develop document retrieval system
3:  Headquarters (interviewed prospective employees, filed their applications, calls, walk-ins)

People would work at a contractor.  Once that contract ended, they can file MN unemployment, but they also have to contact The Work Connection to tell them (in person or telephone call) that they want another assignment and ready, willing and able to work.

The problem I had was that The Work Connection 2 staffers and St. Paul Branch Manager would file paperwork with MN Unemployment Office stating that the person DID NOT contact The Work Connection looking for work, when in fact the person did.  

I know this as I took many of those phone calls and walk-ins and make an Excel spreadsheet entry of the persons name and date/time they contacted us looking for work.

The branch manager would have me make photo copies of MN Unemployment Documents where the brand manager said that the person DID NOT Contact The Work Connection.   (I believe this is to lower the MN Unemployment bills that The Work Connection would have to pay because I also believe that if a person does not contact the contract firm looking for a new assignment, they don't have to be charged with the Unemployment bills.

The Work Connection did this to save money, but they lied on MN Government forms. 

Once day I came into work and my desktop computer was removed from my desk.  I believe it was to get that Excel Spreadsheet to remove evidence of those calls.  Since they caught onto me, I quit that same day.

Shortly after I quit I went to MN State Attorney Generals office with my written complaint.   I also filed for MN Unemployment myself and was denied since I quit.   But I appealed after hiring an attorney that does pro-bono work ( to appeal the denial ruling.

I won the appeal.