I paid him $495.88 to purchase and put in two new doors in my porch and also a door inside my house, paint and shower walls/floor installation back on 05/25/13 and he still hasn't done anything or even delivered the materials (doors etc) I paid for.   He has made and broken 7 appointments by just not showing up (no call, no show all 7 times).   Now his cell phone is turned off and it goes directly into voicemail.


This person is a thief.

Steve Dye Jr.

Steve Dye facebook
Florida license plate "S87 1JY" tag 08/2013
Facebook says he lives in Oxford, Florida

Got married 11/2019 
new wife's facebook


2013 business card:
All In One Handyman Service
You Name It...We Can Do It!
1948 Essex Place
Orlando, FL 32806
(407) 545-1831
A Christian based company
Steve Dye Jr.
Independent Contractor


Brother in law (or ex brother in law) Travis Schmidt 407-860-2100

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Please call him and tell him he has to give me my money back.   This is felony theft.  

1:   Wife is pregnant and about to give birth
2:   Wife is at the hospital about to give birth
3:   Gave birth but baby is very sick
4:   Baby is in intensive care
5:   Baby died
6:   Funeral
7:   Out of town for family
8:   Told me that in 2 days he is getting a tooth pulled, so I told him that since he has a couple days before the dental work to come over with the doors I paid him for. 
9:   A week later he said he was at the hospital since he had a seizure.
10:  Another few days later he said he was at the hospital again with a sleep disorder problem.

Here are some of his text message:
Sorry its so late just making sure were all still good for 12:00 noon im looking forward to finely being able to take care of ya;)

Doors are being returned and a money order for 490 will be mailed to you first class  ((( he never mailed me a money order as that text message was 2+ weeks ago )))

Before and after his dental appointment for pulling teeth he texted:
I am having 4 teeth pulled and 2 root canals on thurs morning if you can bare with me til sat that would be huge and il will make this up to you somehow

((( He gave me 2 day notice for the teeth pulling appointment and I told him that he has 2 days to bring over the doors so at least I get some of the materials I already paid for but he pretended he was out of town by texting me the following )))

Il be back in town thursday evening and wil get them to you but there wont be any more problems we will get you tooking care of knowmatter wha

Steve the surgery all went as planned we are all set knowmatter what for sat 12:00 sharp hope all is well for you

He said he was in the hospital and texted me: 
With you talk about call and cancal there were spose to be 3 diff people that supposly got a hold of you one being my nurse

I havent called you because ive been in a er sense 4:30am waiting for a room to be avl tell ya what when i have your things delivered to you there wil be a copy

Of my ambulance ride paper work and copys of all my emergency rm paper work and my hospital stay pw so you can see i have no reason to lie or bs you 

The only reason you wernt notifiee is because when im having full blown grandmal seizures i have no clue who i am or whats going on

The only reason i textee you last night is because all ur supplys were loaded and i had every every flipping intetion on completeing your work today

I gotcha for sat morning it wont be no 6am but 9am we can do tomorrow i goto a brain specialist then il get discharged so sat should be good to go

Im sorry not ignoreing you im at holmes hospital doing some strange sleep brain study test over in brevard county


Voicemail 1:
May 30, 2013, 12:05 PM
Yeah buddy. This is Steve, I know you're busy. Hopefully things are going good for you with your interview You could give me a call as soon as you can, whenever you get this message. I just had a couple of questions for you 407. Yeah i 45. Yeah, 18, 31, yeah i buddy. Hope everything's going good for you. Like I said then give me a call as soon as you can. Thank you. Bye.

Voicemail 2:
Jun 3, 2013, 4:15 PM
Hey Steve, you guys got your message that I know you're the D M V now. I'm sorry I didn't mean to call you so many times but I got your message and I just wanted to touch base with you. Yeah. That place is a nightmare. You could be in there for a little bit of time I just want to get my do business man, I just had no clue that this was all going to happen right in the middle of of still business together. Things on my side or not looking good at all. But that's not your problem. And you're could you know, I know you. But you didn't sign up for us to be part of all this but just want to see if I can get it there about 9:30 in the morning and and get this stuff, handled so you can get back to work in and take care of the business. You guys take care of. My brother mall so that you had had been this a couple of days of work You know, trying to get this taken care of and I'm sorry I didn't realize that I thought you had just signed up today to start your new Chuck, but anyways, that's, that's you know we got to get it taken care of. I will get it taken care of for you. I'm fixing to go back up stairs and my phone bill or Quarter. 2. When I've been there because all the the machinery Istanbul. I left a message at home phone. But Yes if we can. If I can get there at 9:30 in the morning, we can. Let's just go from there man. Let me get it done. Took care of it and we don't have the settings no more. You Know. I will talk to you soon.

UPDATE as of 01/28/2014:
I have not received a refund and Steve Dye has not done any of the work at all. He hasn't done a single thing but still has my money.