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I am a real person, I have been on TV on Fox News in February and also ABC news several times too.  Watch the TV interviews at this link click here

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We only communicate in English.  Only English is spoken/written here on the job.  If you don't know it well, the more you practice it the better you will get.

Bathroom policy:  All employees, contractors and guests/visitors MUST use the restroom and locker room of the gender they actually are, not what gender they might identify with.   

Transgenders have to use the bathroom of the gender they are physically are, failure to do so, will result in arrest.  If an employee it will result in immediate termination.    

This is to protect the privacy of the restroom to the people of the same gender.  Females use the Woman's restrooms and locker room.  Males use the Men's restrooms and locker room.   This is for the safety for all.

For parents with children in school:  How to stop transgender children and adults from using the shower, locker room and bathroom of the gender they aren't physically are.   I certainly do not want an 18 year old senior high school male student from using the same shower, locker room and bathroom as a 15 year old 9th grade girl.
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English Only company:  All employees will communicate in English only on the job. 

Sharia Law:  We will not hire anyone that believes in Sharia Law.  Anyone who supports Sharia law means they do not believe in FULL woman's rights.  We will not do business with anyone that believes that women do not have the right to go out in public by herself, right to vote, right to drive, right to talk to anyone the woman wants to, or have to cover their face and that a man can kill girls, daughters, woman in their life.     (( how sick is that?   They are all sick in the head )).   We do not care what religion you have but just not the sickness of Sharia Law.  All religions welcome.

No job applications from these people:
Felony conviction on your record  (if it hasn't been expunged)
Have a gross misdemeanor conviction
on your record  (if not expunged)
Have a misdemeanor conviction on your record (if not expunged)
Democrats:  Especially Democrats who support Obama or Clinton.  Democrats lie to get their point across, democrats use emotion instead of logic and facts, especially when talking about gun control.

Outside the US? 
In order to calculate exact shipping charges please send me an email with your mailing/shipping address. It will be shipped by US Priority Mail but the tracking number is only tracked until it leaves the US unless you want to pay about $11 extra for Registered mail. 

I accept Checks and money orders: Use my name/address above, but make it out to JudgmentCenter. Once the check or money order clears the bank then I will ship it to you.

We accept payment by Western Union or MoneyGram: Sent to Steve Cook, St. Paul, Minnesota, US.  Don't forget to include shipping if we are mailing a CD, no shipping if we are sending you the product by email and/or as a download.

Looking for my email?  Please check your SPAM or Bulk folders  If you are expecting an email from me but you don't see it, please send me an email I will reply.   Then if you do not get a reply within a few hours during the day or by next morning the next day please call me.  

There are never any recurring charges.  All products/services are a one time charge through PayPal and paid to JudgmentCenter Allhomebased which both run by Steve Cook.

None of these are instant downloads.  Software/E-book purchases: I will have to E-mail you your order.  Most orders are sent out within the same business day, unless you order late in the day, then its usually sent the next business day.  Many times Saturday orders are sent the same day (Saturday).  If t is the complex software such as the professional login software then it can take a couple days.

Did you receive the email with the product you ordered within one day? 
If not, please check your SPAM folder for my email, occasionally it goes there. 

I had to implement this because of people digging through the code and getting the Thank You for Payment webpage that contained the link to the instant download and they got the information without paying.

I will send you either a link by email, or the actual document in an email attachment.

I will send the information to your "PayPal email address" unless you let me know otherwise

Your payment will go to us at JudgmentCenter Allhomebased 321cam.
Your payment will appear on your card statement as "PAYPAL *JUDGEALLHOM".
You will receive an email receipt automatically after payment.

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I am a real person, please watch anyone of my TV News interviews at this link click here

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   Refunds, Returns, Warranty, Disclaimer, Errors Policy

Before you receive anything from me and/or this website, I can issue a complete refund via PayPal.

After you receive your order from me there aren't any refunds or returns or exchanges or credit.

No training.

There are not any refunds at all because copies can be made before you return the order, product, service or anything from this website.   Everything is sold as is.  

I am good at what I do, and I will try my best to make you happy.   I have spent a lot of time and feel very confident in this websites products, and that you will be happy with it. 

The software I sell works as you can see on this website, and if you have problems with it, you can ask anyone for help.  If I allowed refunds after your order, you would still have the product/software/order and be able to use it (meaning you would get the software/info/etc for free) and this would not be fair to me.

SOFTWARE:   Most of these just require you to copy and paste code (you must be able to copy and paste the software from me into your website such as with FrontPage, HTML, or even NotePad).  

Might not work with free website services such as Tripod.

Website Software I sell:  I do not guarantee that all the website software will work on your website because you might not install it correct, your computer might be obsolete, your web host might not be compatible, but as you can see it works on my website and with my web host from

ERRORS:  Of course there could be errors in some of the information on this website or in the product you purchase and there is no guarantee that all of my information is true, but it is as accurate as I can be. is not engaged in rendering legal or professional services.  If legal advice is required, the assistance of a competent, qualified professional should be sought.

Information contained in this websites programs, systems, software, website, information etc is compiled from the authorís own experience and is believed to be complete and is designed to provide information regarding the subject matter and any opinions given are based on the authorís experience, and considered true and accurate, but not infallible. This information is sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering any legal advice. If legal advice is required, the services of an attorney and/or accountant should be sought.

Lastly, I do not guarantee all information is accurate or that I know it all.  Most is from my actual experience. Some is summarized in my own words from information I found in government pamphlets or websites. Some of that summarized information is included in the system because it just might help you.

I might not be able to answer your all of your questions you email me about, but if I can I will.



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