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The Original
"Boys In The Hood"

After you pay, you will get the original boys in the hood image(s) emailed to you
without the Copyright words written all over it.  Tell me which one(s) you want.

This is politically incorrect, but so are Malcolm X logos, but these images for your T-Shirt is still fun.  Malcolm X wanted to kill all Christians (news footage of him doing this) and many people had those hats, shirts that have a large X on it supporting Malcolm X.

You will get the image(s) emailed to you in an attachment.  You can print it on whatever you want because there are many shops that have the ability to print this logo on just about anything, t-shirt, mug etc... 

Click on the thumbnail image to see the actual size of the image you will get.

Picture # 1

Picture # 2 Picture # 3

click thumbnail above

click thumbnail above

click thumbnail above
640 x 429 pixels
580 x 398 pixels
400 x 273 pixels



Picture # 4 Picture # 5 All 5 pictures
All five pictures
for $15




600 x 465 pixels
480 x 350 pixels

Suggestion before printing:   Save the copyright image from this website to see if the size and resolution will work for you.  To get to this copyright image, click on the thumbnail image above, then right click the image, and then save to your C drive.


You can get iron-On Transfers from just about any large store like Target and Kmart.   Iron On transfers are not nearly as good as the new technology at T-Shirt imprinting stores.   These stores have the new technology which is much more permanent than iron-on transfers.  The ink seems to go directly into the shirt, and you are not able to feel the image by touch unlike iron-on transfers.   The store that did my t-shirt calls it Softlink/Soft Transfer.     You can definitely feel Iron-on transfers.

The problem with Iron-On transfers is that if you stretch the shirt, the iron on cracks, flakes and falls off.



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